Mission Statement

Our foundation is based on our vision and mission statement. This guides us in the creative development of all communications. Branding is also an integral part of our strategy.

ONYX specialises in interior concepts, predominately the domestic and commercial window furnishings market.
Personal and direct service lies at our core belief. Our sit down approach with our clients where we discuss the project and it’s individual requirements are the hallmark of our service and lead to professional recommendations that suit not only the project, but most budgetary requirements.

Our vision is therefore simple:
To provide our clients with an interior solution experience that exceeds expectations.

ONYX will strive to deliver the very best of today’s interior design ideas, respect the ideas of it’s clients and most importantly, strive to remain progressive with the evolving lifestyle of today’s world.
Whether you’re purchasing for the first time, upgrading to refresh an existing dwelling or remodelling an office complex, ONYX will strive to fulfil your brief with the very best of today’s interior design ideas.

To leave a product that redefines it’s environment.